Foods that can help you manage weight during the self isolation tenure

by Sanjeev Kapoor

While we are adhering to the self-quarantine period at our homes to evade Corona Virus, our whole routine has turned haywire. One of the major effects has been on our fitness regime, the reason being less movement/physical work, gyms and fitness studios been closed, etc. On top of it, the lockdown has been brewing stress, anxiety and boredom that has made people turn to food for snapping out of all this. Comfort foods, snacks, desserts, junk food helped in taking the edge off, but too much of it is definitely not good for health, especially for one’s weight. 


Not just this, but with social media taking the centre stage and high rise, people are slaying their cooking skills with Instagram live sessions and stories. For your records, statistics suggest that there has been soaring sales of unhealthy snack items during the period of lockdown. People are on the paths to gain weight due to lack of physical activities, overeating and being stationary, all day long. So, it is important to remember that the food you eat must also add to the management of your weight, in the right sense. Additionally, the workouts you might have been doing at this point may have had a negligible effect, if not coupled with the right kind of food in the diet.


Even if you had planned your grocery list well, the empty shelves of the handful shops and limited delivery points would have crashed it all. So, it’s a good time to stick to the basics instead of looking for some out of the box/exclusive supermarket stuff.  For your convenience, we are going to list out some foods that can help you to keep a check on those extra calories. Go for them!


  1. Dark chocolate

Chocolate! Yes, you read it right. Dark chocolate improves metabolism, curbs cravings, lifts up the mood, relieves the pain caused by exercising, prevents insulin spike, etc. So, next time your mom catches you red-handed indulging in a piece or two, you can spill the beans and save yourself for a good reason. We also have a recipe that’s full of goodness in it. Read: probiotics, natural sweetness and just the right amount of chocolate too. Go on, add this as one of the favourites on your dessert list too.


  1. Egg

You must’ve heard from fitness freaks about the importance of eggs in their diet. Egg is one such food item which is eaten all through the year and loaded with numerous benefits. So, it’s true that it’s good to have it every day! It has Vitamin D present in the yolk which can act as a belly fat buster. Also, it’s high on proteins which helps in curbing weight and is an amazing metabolism booster. It also is a low-calorie food with no sugar content. Try out this recipe to relate every bit of this, which is made with simplicity, olive oil, veggies, and is extremely good for health.


  1. Quinoa

Quinoa is a rich source of protein, packed with essential amino acids and fibre. It is the best companion of all the vegetarians who are often on the search of plant-based food options. The protein present in quinoa helps to induce satiety and regulates hunger hormone ghrelin to keep a track on the cravings. This ultimately ensures that one feels full for prolonged time and eats less. Hold on, it’s gluten-free too! Ab toh banana banta hai bro, this combination of fruit and vegetable which is very nutritive in every way.


  1. Lentils

Dal is the heart of every home, made on nearly everyday basis. Did you know that the cultivation of lentils in India goes way back to 2500 BC, and today we have more than 50 different varieties which are grown. Earlier in 6000 BC in Greece, it was considered as a poor man’s food. This recipe is very special as it is an amalgamation of 3 dals, which doubtlessly commits to give you the best of nutrients. It’s high on proteins, iron, full of fibre, magnesium, good source of folic acid, etc. Feeding something this great to the body shall definitely reap you benefits of your well-being!


  1. Green Tea

Green tea holds its roots in China, where it was accidentally discovered by the Chinese emperor Shennong when he consumed boiled water along with some dead tea leaves. He found it very refreshing, hence, gave it a name thereby declaring it as a beverage. Apart from this interesting anecdote about green tea, it has many health benefits too –  an effective digestion booster, raises the metabolic rate, burns body and belly fat, etc. So, try out this basic yet very refreshing recipe that will help you seek your weight goal, a tad bit easily. And don’t forget to accompany this with your regular exercise routine.


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