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We are talking about beverages. What we need to know is that when the weather is hot, there is one simple way to remain fit and fine - have adequate water. When the temperatures are down, a cup of something hot to drink really gives comfort. There are just a few sources of water for the body: drinking water and food. A daily diet consisting of proper food and adequate liquids in the form of soups, beverages and drinking water keeps one on the track of healthy living. 

Why is water so important?

Water keeps your joints working smoothly and your intestines performing well. If you supply your body with fresh water continuously, you can purge your system of impurities and keep your skin youthful. In addition to all of this, when you are drinking enough water (about eight glasses a day), you will notice the return of real, appropriate thirst. In short, water is a good friend to make and keep.

When one weighs oneself remember that 60-70 % of the weight belongs to the water content. In newborn babies the percentage is 80 %. In fact 80 % of the blood is water! This is one reason why we need to keep a watch on the content of water in our body. If this content goes down to a critical level, it causes some serious conditions like heat stress, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke. Dehydration is the first danger sign.

Reasons to quit cola

Remember tea, coffee and aerated drinks dehydrate the system if had in excess. We have always advocated that eat everything in moderation. Sugar and caffeine are both sources of controversy. One can of cola contains about eight teaspoons of sugar. One faction of the sugar controversy states that it can cause cavities and is a source of empty calories, i.e. calories with no other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. The problem with empty calories is that it keeps you from eating other foods that are more nutritious and beneficial to your health. The other faction says that sugar is an evil that has detrimental physical and mental effects and it needs to be avoided at all costs. Since sugar is a carbohydrate, it can be used by the body for energy, or if consumed in excess, it can be converted to fat.

In terms of quitting soda, it usually takes lots of motivation. However, some people say that after an initial period of adjustment i.e. headaches, lethargy, feeling low etc., they do feel physically and mentally better, which is enough to keep them from going back. Always keep alternative beverages handy, because if you are thirsty and there is nothing else around, it becomes too easy to go back to the good old fizzy friend! 

How to be refreshed

Liquid foods, hot and cold, can that nourish the body all through the year through the vagaries of the temperatures. Some of us like iced tea, buttermilk, lemonade and sherbets during the hot days. These are all water based. Fresh fruit juices are also welcome as cooling refreshers. Combining a few juices to attain a tasty and wholesome medley is a good idea especially when the desire is to serve a drink with a difference but brimming with goodness to fight the heat effectively. Mocktails served in fancy glasses with decorative straws and stirrers sure bring cheer to hot days. When it is chilly, a cup of hot tea or coffee is welcome. Make the drink more nutritive by having milk and nut based beverages.

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