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International Sushi Day: Just roll with it!

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ‘sushi,’ that’ll give you unending joy. June 18 is International Sushi Day when the love for this Japanese delicacy of rice seasoned along with vinegar, is celebrated. This day was created by Chris DeMay to encourage people to consume sushi and dive into the adventure of eating it with chopsticks. This helped people to develop the ability to recognize aromas, herbs and seasonings. Doubtlessly, making sushi is an art, and the result of it just as delicious as they appear to be! Often the enjoyment does come from admiring the presentation too. Just as other dishes in different pan Asian cuisines are based on the ‘fifth’ taste ‘umami,’ apart from salty, sweet, sour and bitter, sushis also fall perfectly in that category.



  1. Chirashizushi: the scattered sushi.

  2. Inarizushi: named after the god Shinto Inari.

  3. Makizushi: the rolled sushi.

  4. Narezushi: the matured sushi.

  5. Nigirizushi: the hand-pressed sushi.

  6. Oshizushi: he pressed sushi. 


Popularity in India

The way sushi is made and the usage of ingredients determines its name. Sticky rice alongwith cooked or raw fish, vegetables and nori seaweed are the basic ingredients of a sushi. Interestingly sushi has a loyal following in India. Did you know that Delhi is the sushi capital of India according to one of the popular food delivery platforms? Also, going by the data, there has been a rise in sushi orders by approximately 50% since January 2019. You will be surprised to know that its demand has also been recorded even from cities like Guwahati and Ludhiana. 

Some of the most loved sushi varieties in India that are doing the rounds in the dining sector include Dynamite Sushi, Tempura Sushi, Veg California Sushi, California Roll Sushi and Rock and Roll Sushi amongst others. 


So, you think you know all about sushis? 

  • The word ‘sushi’ is believed to be based on an older Japanese word, meaning ‘acidic’ or ‘tart.’ It was referred to as a form of fermented rice that was used as a method for preserving fish.

  • On the arrival of sushi in Japan, it was valued to such an extent that the citizens used it for paying their taxes.

  • The ‘authentic’ sushi was apparently discovered recently, which is referred to as the Edomae-zuchi.

  • Traditionally, sushi is eaten using fingers and historically it was believed that only one or two bites were consumed for each piece. 

  • Studies show that Indians like to slot sushi for the dinner hours and is mostly ordered on Sundays.


Before we wrap, here is a treat for your taste buds. A sushi like never before – this one is a dessert and a fusion version of one of the most popular Japanese dishes. Keeping it in the end for the perfect finale. Give this a try, it’s really an exciting one!

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