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It's Janmashtami- Know more about our 'Desi Makkhan'

White butter or “Makkhan” is very popular in India. This butter has been around for longer than we can actually imagine and is also Lord Krishna’s favourite. Till a few generations back, our great grandparents and even grandparents would treat themselves guilt free, with dollops of white butter on rotis and paranthas. But with the availability and convenience of packaged salted yellow butter, we somehow forgot about this amazing ingredient and its benefits.  

So we though we will give you an insight about this butter so that you have more reasons to add it to your meals!

Health facts:

Weight loss: It might come to you as a surprise but this butter actually helps in weight loss. It contains lecithin which has been long known for its fat burning abilities.  It also helps in enhancing metabolism of the body and imrpoves digestion.


Glowing Skin: One of the important reasons to add a spoon of white butter to your diet. It is loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin E which gives your skin a natural glow and gives more elasticity to the skin.


Boosts immunity: If you are worried about your weak immune, white butter is for you. It has loads of saturated fats which help in retaining Vitamin A and D ultimately helping in getting a stronger immune.


There are a lot more benefits like fighting cancer, infections and reliving joint pains. It also helps in better functioning of brain.


How is it made?

You can buy the readymade white butter from your nearby stores obviously but if you have to make it at home, it is super easy.

One simple ingredient which you require is cream or malai. You have to combine the malai and ice cold water and blend it nicely till the butter separates from the liquid. Keep it aside for 15-20 minutes and then you will see the butter becoming solid and thick. Skim the butter and leave out the water. This is how white butter is made - without any salt, preservative free and healthy.

Earlier, people used a churner to separate the butter from the malai. They used to stir it in both the directions and/or in a circular motion and slowly the butter separated from the cream.

Tale of Dahi Handi:

Every year, in the month of August, Janamashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated. We all know the tale of Lord Krishna’s mischievous activities of stealing curd and butter from the neighbourhood, which made him popular by the name of ‘Makkhan chor’. There is no denying on the fact that Lord Krishna had a never-ending love for butter and that is why Dahi Handi is celebrated in the memory of the same.

In Maharastra, Dahi Handi- the fun festive event is celebrated amongst several communities. They fill an earthen pot with yogurt or butter and a group of young boys and men ( known as govindas)form a human pyramid to break the handi. People enjoy watching it singing songs, dancing, cheering for the boys and there is lot of excitement and enthusiasm around to celebrate the day. Mithais are made in abundance in the reminiscence of the deity. Here are some recipes you can try too:

You try these savoury treats and a lot more for you and your loved ones and celebrate this day with love and happiness. 

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