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Life’s better with burgers!

Burger is BAE! And, most people would agree to this. While we have infinite options when it comes to choosing our favourite dishes, there are some which cannot be sidelined and one of those is a burger. Our relationship with burgers is like what we have with our siblings, no matter how messy they make our life; we still love them with all our hearts. Why are burgers so popular, though? One of the major reasons is that they are a perfect grab-and-go meal and which is why it’s loved by both kids and adults alike. Whether it’s a burger from your favourite fast food joint or a simple yet decadent burger done at home, it is always going to be the ultimate comfort food for all!

Today is World Burger Day, we will surely not hold ourselves back from enjoying our share of burgers, but before that, let’s talk more about our best buddies!

Meat vs. Meatless burgers

While there exists more than infinite variations of burgers, there are 2 very common types served all across the globe - Meatless (Plant-based burgers) and Meat Burgers. We all know what meat burgers are! These are stuffed with various kinds of animal meat like chicken, mutton, fish, eggs and more. In the past few years, we have seen a trend of people turning vegan and vegetarian around the world which had also lead to the rise of meatless burgers. Most popular burger joints had started serving meatless versions of their favourite burgers due to the increased customer demand. The meatless burger includes ingredients like soya, tofu, potatoes, beetroots, peas, moong beans, brown rice and more to give them a meaty and juicy texture. Now, meatless burgers are not the good ol’ vegetarian burgers loaded with fresh veggies, slices of cheese and a typical vegetable patty, these are much more than that. There have been various meatless burgers that have been created with the inclusion of beet juice to give the burgers a blood-like feel. Then there are a lot of burgers that are stuffed with processed soya or potato supplies to give them a similar texture to meat. And, there are some which are simply swapped with plant-based ingredients to transform a non-veg burger into a plant-based one. Another category of burgers is the simple vegetarian burgers which are not aimed to give a meat-like feel and instead are just a wholesome and vegetarian way of enjoying burgers. They are not processed and are just prepared with a vegetable patty, loaded with freshly cut veggies, slathered in mayo and cheese.

What’s better?

There is no wrong or right way of enjoying burgers. But, many people are making a switch to the meatless versions as they are following a vegan or vegetarian diet. They are looking out for the environment and have taken a decision to avoid any animal-based protein which is a great choice. When it comes to taste and flavour, every burger can ace the race. But when it comes to health, everyone should go for something which is made with natural ingredients and would do less/no harm to the body. Anything artificial, processed or loaded with chemicals can do harm to our bodies. Even though burgers are categorized under the junk food category but there are always our homemade versions which are healthier, tastier and cheaper to enjoy!

Here are our picks to enjoy the day!

While people are at war as to whether they should go for meat or meatless burgers, you take your pick from these ultra-delicious vegetarian versions which are going to impress the true blue desi in you!

Mushroom and Corn Burger:

For those who thought, burgers are limited to a simple aloo patty, this one’s going to prove you wrong. These patties are prepared with button mushrooms and sweet corn to turn your burger irresistible!

Veggie Burger:

Here’s the iconic veggie burger which is popular all around the globe. Load up your buns in meat-free style with our best-ever indulgent vegetarian burger recipe. Peas, cauliflower, potatoes, green beans, carrots and so much more in just one patty!

Mixed Sprouts Falafel Burger:

Presenting the classic Mediterranean falafels in a new avatar! Mixed sprouts and chickpeas combined together to enrich the nutritional quotient of this burger. Wholesome, decadent and 100% vegetarian!

Pav Bhaji Burger:

Now try a fusion burger to make the most of your day. Tikkis made with the authentic pav bhaji ingredients to turn this burger into a ‘galaxy of flavours’. A new and unique makeover- what do you think about this desi version.

Veg Pizza Burger:

Pizza and burger together are like a dream come true for most of us. And, this dreamy burger gets better with each bite. Bursting with pizza-like flavours stuffed into toasted buns and plenty of cheese. Serve hot with fries and ketchup for a hearty meal!

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