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Different types of kitchen tables

While decorating your kitchen, make sure that you choose from a variety of kitchen tables that are available to get that perfect look together. From farmhouse tables to bistro tables to granite tables to breakfast nook tables – there is a whole lot of variations available in the market for you to pick from that will help your kitchen décor on the whole. Here is a list of the different types of kitchen tables that you might want to get your hands on depending on your theme:

Breakfast Nook Kitchen Table

As the name suggests, this type of table suits best for a corner that has to be utilized in a kitchen. Depending upon the type and style of the corner, these tables can be used in any form of kitchen. The common options that are available are a pine one for that country look or a smooth beach wood style for that modern look. Adding some paints to the table will also make that breakfast nook in your kitchen very lively.

Granite Kitchen Table

These days’ modern and contemporary kitchens go very well with the use of granite as the table tops. Though heavy, but these tables are very useful as they are extremely durable and strong as well as very easy to maintain and can stand almost anything and everything. Available in various shapes and sizes, from a large one to that small one for the edges and corners, the granite tables add a touch of glamour to your kitchens. Of course, if you wish to move your tables in the kitchen at different spots, then using a granite table might not be the best thing!

Bistro Kitchen Table

This type is a small round table, generally with metal legs and a glass top. Available in tall and regular sizes depending upon the height, the bistro style of tables go perfect for a bistro, café, Italian or tropical kitchen décor. The various materials which are available in this type of kitchen table are wood, metal and glass. Also, a set of bistro tables with matching bar stools and themed backs also exist in the market. So, choose from the variety of these tables to make your kitchen look hip and happening.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table

These types of tables are generally made of pine with solid legs and are tough country style. Available in wood or painted wood with distressed finish, these go perfect with kitchen themes like Tuscan, lodge, rustic, French and other country styles. You can opt for a variety of settings to use these tables like pairing one of these tables with a ladder back chair or mixing a variety of other chair styles to give that informal look.