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Breakfast – A healthy habit

Menu: Breakfast Shake with Spinach Corn Cheese Sandwich Toast and Kanda Pohe. 

Shopping list: 

400 g thick variety of poha

400 ml yogurt

100 g corn kernels 

100 g cheese 

100 g onions

1 tin pineapple slices

4 ripe bananas

2 tins (240 ml each) pineapple juice

1 bottle strawberry crush

1 large bunch fresh spinach

1 loaf brown bread 

1 bottle olive oil

For faster preparation: 

Prepare corn and spinach for the toast. Refrigerate covered till needed. 

How to go about it:

Chop onions for pohe in a chopper. Wash the pohe and drain. Start to prepare the pohe and finish. Keep them warm. Assemble the toast and place under the grill. Meanwhile prepare the shake. 

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