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Cooking with Corn

Menu: These tiny glowing kernels of corn are a major favourite amongst one and all. Be it the sweet corn, corn on the cob or just about any other type, you definitely won’t hesitate to include it in dishing up a complete meal. Healthy and an ingredient that can be used variedly – try making a Corn Pakora for a starter, maincourse being a Chilli Corn Rice and finish with a delicious sweet Corn ki Kheer.

Shopping list
750 grams American corn kernels 
1 packet chaat masala
1 packet coriander powder
1 bottle chilli garlic sauce
1 bottle crushed black peppercorns
100 grams cashew nuts
100 grams almonds
0.5 grams saffron
For faster preparation
Blanch the corn kernels for the pakora and rice. Prepare the batter for the pakoras. Boil the rice. Make the kheer ready and set in the refrigerator to cool.
How to go about it
Toss the rice with the spices and corn to finish. Deep-fry small portions from the batter to finish the pakoras and drain. Serve.