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Enjoy some Punjabi khaana

Menu: Succulent Tiranga Paneer Tikka followed by Cauliflower Keema and roti. For just desserts, a rich Gehun ka Halwa.

Shopping list:

450 gm cottage cheese 

250 gm garlic cloves

250 gm broken wheat 

200 ml yogurt 

200 gm pure ghee

150 gm khoya/mawa

25 gm cashewnuts

25 gm almonds

1 medium cauliflower

1 small pack saffron 

Fresh mint and coriander

For faster preparation:

Prepare chutney for tikka, fry cashewnuts if using, for keema. You could roast the lapsi for the halwa and keep it. Prepare the various stuffings for the tiranga paneer tikka and refrigerate in separate bowls. 

How to go about it:

Prepare Gehun ka halwa and while water is boiling, grate the cauliflower, and prepare the keema. Stuff the paneer tikka and cook. Meantime add sugar to halwa and complete it. While all the tikkas are being done, make the rotis.

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