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Feast for fasts

Menu: If you are an Indian and especially a woman, you can never get enough of fasts that are kept for various cultural and religious regions across the Indian subcontinent. Try out these recipes to make it a super time – begin with an absolute palatable Kootoo Ke Aate Ki Puri and Vratwale Aloo to go with it. At the end, a delectable Sabudana Kheer awaits you!


Shopping List


200 grams kootoo ka atta
1 bunch of fresh coriander leaves
50 grams rock salt
200 grams sago (sabudana)
0.5 gram of saffron
50 grams almond
1 bottle/packet of green cardamom powder
100 grams raw peanuts


Preparations before you begin:

Soak the sago previous night. Boil the potatoes for puri and vratwale aloo. Make green chilli paste. Chop coriander leaves. Extract the lemon juice.


How to go about it:
Place the milk on the flame for reducing for the kheer. Make the dough for the puri. Finish the kheer. Make the vratwale aloo. Deep-fry the puris.