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Kiddie special

Menu: A pleasing visual of Golden Bags, topped with filling Vegetable Quesadillas and a surprise of a huge Black Forest Gateaux.

Shopping list:

200g paneer 

100g mixed vegetables (French beans, cauliflower, green peas) 

30 five-inch round spring roll wrappers 

3 eggs

1 medium green capsicum 

1 medium cabbage 

200g cheese

200 ml whipping cream 

100g kidney beans 

6 cornmeal tortillas 

1 bottle sweet chilli sauce 

1 bottle olive oil 

1 bottle Chipotle sauce 

1 pack baking powder

1 pack cocoa powder

1 tin cherries

1 bar chocolate

For faster preparation:

Make filling for Golden Bags. Chop vegetables for Quesadillas. Make salsa for Quesadillas. Bake chocolate sponge for dessert one day ahead. Assemble the gateaux in the morning so that by dinner time the flavours develop very well.

How to go about it:

Prepare the Golden Bags and fry them. While these are served, finish making the quesadillas and serve as second course. Gateaux, the plates and forks, come out last to a lot of wows!

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