8 iced teas to cool you off!

by Sanjeev Kapoor

The summer season brings with it the holiday, fun, vacations but along with it all comes the scorching heat. We always find ways to cool our bodies down during the summers, right? What's better than having a cold beverage that is flavourful and serves the purpose of cooling you down too? Here is a list of fun filled iced teas that will help you cool off on a hot summer day!

Green fruity iced tea
A delicious mix of fruity flavours this iced tea also offers you nourishment while taking away all your summertime sadness. Brew and cool the green tea, mix it up with chopped fresh fruit, mint leaves and fruit juice and top it up over ice cubes. This colourful green fruity iced tea has a ton of  Vitamin C and antioxidants tucked away under its beautiful taste.

Cucumber lemon mint tea
Cucumber is one of the coolest veggies around, quite literally, and along with fresh mint and lemon it makes one of the coolest summer beverages too. The recipe gets made within a jiffy – tea decoction mixed with sugar syrup and lemon juice topped with thin slices of cucumber and sprigs of mint. Just the look of it is enough to make you feel refreshed!

Green apple and lemon iced tea
The tart taste and crunchy texture of green apples is irreplaceable and along with the refreshing flavour of lemon iced tea it makes the ultimate summer beverage of all time. Soak tea bags in water till infused; add in sugar, lemon juice and chopped apple. All you’ve got to do is top it up with some ice cubes and enjoy this crunchy-munchy iced tea!

Blueberry Lemon tea
This is for people who love their berries, and yes, a blueberry iced tea is very much possible, just with a zesty touch of lemon to it. With a blast of flavors in your mouth, blueberry is also rich in fiber and effective in warding off heart diseases. The blueberries are first made into a compote, by heating them with castor sugar and water, followed by placing the compote in glasses and pouring the aromatic tea into it. Just add some ice cubes and a few slices of lemon, and your very berry lemon iced tea is ready.

Coconut green tea
A chilled glass of this coconut green tea is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and several other nutrients from its ultra-healthy base ingredients. It is one of the most refreshing drinks you can sip on to beat the summer heat. Cool off some freshly brewed green tea, add in tangy lemon juice and healthy sweet honey, some chunks of fresh coconut flesh, coconut water and ice. Stir and sip!

Ginger green tea
One of the healthiest concoctions you can serve up using tea is this ginger green tea. Freshly grated ginger, hot water, brown sugar, green tea bags and lots of ice are all you need to make this one. It’s simple; it’s tasty and gets made in a jiffy – what more can you ask for?

Apple and cinnamon iced tea- the apple crave/ the tongue twister/ happy appy
Some flavours are a match made in heaven – apple and cinnamon being one of them. The nourishment of antioxidants and Vitamin A come in as a bonus, with the great taste of the drink. Boil some water, and then add, honey, 2 cinnamon sticks and tea bags. Then cool the concoction and top with chopped apples and plenty of ice!

Iced date tea - a date with tea/ the icey date/ is your date cold?
The deliciousness sweet nuttiness of dates and refreshing taste of tea make quite the lethal combination. This unique drink delivers nutrients like fiber, sugar and vitamin A in 3 very simple steps. Begin by making tea and setting it to cool, followed by blending chopped apples, dates, ginger and pineapple to a smooth puree. Strain the tea as well as the mixture into a glass full of ice cubes, and your date iced tea is ready to be served.

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