All you need to know about Paneer

by Sanjeev Kapoor

Paneer is something one can never have enough of.  It is great ingredients that can add life to any party or get-together. Indian cuisine has got a range of starters, curries, sweets, salads and more, and paneer is literally everywhere. And actually, paneer or cottage cheese is the simplest cheese to make at home and unlike other cheeses, it needs no special equipment or complicated technique. Lemon Juice, vinegar or a cup of whey, a piece of muslin cloth and a strainer – everyday kitchen stuff is all that one needs to turn out the delicious paneer in a matter of minutes.

But, did you know that paneer has a vast range of health benefits too? If not, let’s know a bit more about this humble ingredient!

P for Protein:

Lack of protein is a common problem everywhere in today’s world. And, paneer can play a major role in providing you your daily dose of protein. Eating raw paneer has always been regarded as one of the best ways to infuse high protein in your daily diets. You can include them in your salads, make a sabzi out of it or just a simple stir-fry!

A – Aids in weight loss:

It might come to you as a surprise but paneer actually helps in losing weight. How? Let me tell you! Actually, it’s all interrelated. When you consume high in protein foods, they keep you full for a longer period of time and do not let you eat again and again, hence keeping a check on your weight.

N- Nutrient rich food:

Apart from being high in protein, paneer is also a high on other nutrients like, vitamins, calcium, iron and carbs too. Especially, it is rich in vitamin B and B12 complex vitamins which can help the body in numerous ways. These help in improving digestion for the body and also it contains folate and phosphorous which is said to be great for pregnant women and keeping the heart healthier.

E- Extra strong bones and teeth:

More Calcium= Stronger teeth. Paneer is rich in calcium, and by now we all know this. It also helps in relieving joint pain and helps in treating tooth decay. Vitamin D in cottage cheese also helps in the prevention of tooth cavities. Athletes and sportsmen are recommended to include more paneer in their diet because it can help in strengthening their bones and muscles.

E- Energy Booster

Paneer is an energy-booster in a way that it helps in providing instant energy to the body. It is recommended to eat post workout as it has a capacity to fulfil the daily calorie needs of the body. According to some studies, it has also been stated as a fact that children who eat paneer have higher energy levels than the children who don’t.

R- Regulated Blood Sugar levels:

For a better immune system and a healthier heart, paneer is a must. It is loaded with magnesium which is said to ensure that your blood sugar levels are balanced. They ensure a slow release of sugar into the blood which won’t led to any abrupt spikes in your blood sugar levels.


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