Hacks that are going to help you forever

by Sanjeev Kapoor

Today, we’ve got some amazing kitchen hacks which are going to save your days. Not just avoiding a lot of wastage, it will also tell you how you can eat some foods even better and enjoy them to the fullest.


Get ready for a constant question in your mind, ‘why didn’t I think of this before?’


Use a pan to reheat leftover pizza

You want to enjoy that slice of pizza, don’t you? The tip here is to avoid reheating it in a microwave or an oven because it will not melt the cheese and make it chewy. If you cover your slice and heat it on the stove, you will know the difference!


Ripen bananas and avocados quickly by heating in oven.

If you need some ripe bananas or avocados for your daily smoothie or a quick guacamole, here’s the tip for you. Bake them at 300? for around 5 minutes and see the magic!


Use onion rings to cook eggs perfectly

To retain the circular egg’s shape while cooking, you can surround them with onion rings and cook.Break an egg inside the onion ring and enjoy!


Cooked carrots are better for health than raw ones

This is more of a health tip. Carrots, when cooked, are higher in carotenoid versus the raw ones. If you want to make the most of this vegetable, the best way is to cook them.


Best way to store icecreams

Struggling hard trying to scoop out ice cream? Been there, done that! Store the ice cream container in a ziplock bag and it will remain as soft and creamy as before.


Get the perfect sandwich

Some of you might already know this but for those of you who don’t, this is a lifesaving tip. Always spread the sandwich filling evenly on all the sides. Whether it’s meat or cheese, cut and place ‘em all over the sandwich so that it is completely covered.


Peel bananas from the bottom

The best way to peel the banana is to peel it from the bottom. Pinch its base and then peel it.By this method, you avoid all the frustrating banana strings.




How to eat a cupcake?

Yes, you read that right! Have you ever felt that you didn’t get that frostingto cake ratio right after you had the last bite! The trick to get perfect amount of both is to vertically halve the tiny beauty and get that 100% satisfaction in a jiffy!


Add oil to rice and pasta after draining, to avoid sticking

A lot of you might already know this! If you cooked rice, pasta or noodles, drain out the water and add some oil to it. This will avoid them from sticking together making it easier to cook.


Keep cookies fresh for a longer time

There might be times when you’ve had an overdose of cookies and suffered from a slight sugar rush. Now, what to do with the leftover cookies? Store ‘em in an air-tight container with a slice of bread and enjoy for a longer time. The bread keeps them nice and fresh. Try it!


How to check whether the eggs are fresh or not?

We know that eggs last for quite a while but if you’re still not 100% sure about the freshness, here’s how to do it. Place the eggs in a bowl of cold water, if they sink down to the bottom, they’re good to go. If not, it’s a no-go!


What to do when cookies or toasts are slightly burnt?

This one’s likely to already be on the list of our desi . Grate off the charred part and no one will ever know about the burnt story.


Store homemade sauces for longer

Prepared a little extra pesto sauce? Don’t worry, you can store it and use it later. Fill the sauce into ice trays andfreeze them. When required, take the cubes out and reheat them.


How to be a non-messy burger eater?

Though, burgers are best when messy! But, still sometimes, it becomes a lil’ too much! The trick is to eat it upside down because that part is more absorbent which holds any filling from falling apart and making it less messy. Have fun trying this one!


Great way to peel eggs in large quantities

The best way to peel hard-boiled eggs in large numbers is to put them together in a metal container and shake them until the shells break and fall apart. This trick will peel off the shells almost completely saving loads of time.


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